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User Need

How Might We...

Political Engagement

...assist millennials to be more engaged in political news so that they can be more proactive and aware of various perspectives on news topics?

Exploring Perspectives

...encourage social media users to become interested in exploring politically diverse news sources?

Sharing News

...embolden the way millennials currently share news to make it amusing, yet effective towards understanding differing news opinions?

Our Solution

Share an article, react, and discuss with your friends!


Our chatbot selects articles for you through Facebook Messenger.


React to the news with six different Facebook emojis.


Discuss friends' reactions to get a diverse perspective.

Video Demo

See our product in action!

Project Links

Link to all assignments for CS160: User Interface & Design

  • P1:

    Need Finding

    Go to at least 2 different activities to observe a diversity of opinions being expressed (specific suggestions provided below). At least 2 of you should go together for each activity.

  • P2:

    Design + Lofi

    Implement a Lo-fi prototype UX (as described in class: paper prototype, digital prototype, Wizard of Oz) for the core user task.

  • P3:

    Dark Horse Prototype

    Design and implement a lo-fi prototype of a Dark Horse concept, accomplishing a similar core user task as that used for P2.

  • P4:

    Conceptual Use Study

    Collect all the user data and reflect on what worked well and what could be improved in the process of conducting the use study in Studio (not analyzing the data)

  • P5:

    Working Prototype

    Create an interactive, working prototype that enables users to experience the core user task.

  • P6:

    Use Study Evaluation

    There are two parts to the assignment with separate due dates: Pilot testing during the in-class demo day of the P5 working prototype, and conducting the study with real user participants and presenting what you learned from it.

  • P7:

    Final Presentation, Showcase, and Website

    It's a wrap!

  • News With Friends
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Our Team

Meet our wonderful team of aspiring designers and developers!

Jessica Chen

Computer Science Junior

Alexander Kamgar

Computer Science Senior

Mehdi Kazi

Computer Science Junior

Rochelle Shen

Cognitive Science Junior

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